We Park You Fly

Avoid having to search for a parking space – let us park your car for you!

Please note that in week 42 We Park You Fly is only available when parking for minimum 5 days.

What is We Park You Fly?

With We Park You Fly, you avoid having to search for a parking space by letting us park your car instead, allowing you to get quickly off on your way.

  1. Book our We Park You Fly product online*
  2. Hand over your car upon arrival to the airport
  3. Collect your car in car park P6 on the day of your return. During busy periods, your car might be parked in car park P8.**

How to use We Park You Fly

Before your journey

Book We Park You Fly online using the booking tool at the bottom of this page by choosing your prefered departure and arrival date and time, and choose our We Park You Fly product. Our We Park You Fly product costs 949 DKK per week, and can only be booked through our online booking system. 

When you use our We Park You Fly product, you can hand over your car to our staff in the We Park You Fly zone at any time of the day or night, seven days a week.

*It is not possible to use We Park You Fly if your car exceeds the hight limit in the basement, which is 205 cm.

On your departure day

Hand over your car to our We Park You Fly personnel, who will be waiting for you at the booked arrival time. Then our personnel will park your car for you. 

Where will my car be parked while I'm away?

After delivering your car in P6, a We Park You Fly personnel will be driving your car to one of our outdoor parking areas, at which it will be parked while you're away. Our personnel will drive your car back to P6 making sure that it is ready for you upon return.

On your return day 

When you return from your trip, you can collect your car key in P6 -2  - the same place as where you delivered your car key. You will then be informed of where to find your car. During busy periods, your car might be parked in car park P8. It is possible to walk directly from We Park You Fly to parking area P8.

**Please be aware that you are obliged to examine the condition of your vehicle upon return.


Find way to We Park You Fly

parkeringskort_eng_jan18We Park You Fly is located in our Direct car park, P6 -2, located just beneath Terminal 3.

See exact location and get driving directions on Google Maps here.

Please be aware of the height limit

Your car may not exceed 2,05 m due to the height limit in the basement.


Prices: online and drive in

You can use We Park You Fly either by booking online and thereby reserve a space, or by driving into P6 (without booking) where you shall follow the red line on the ground which leads you to the We Park You Fly-area. 

Online price
899 DKK/week
Drive in price
1.475 DKK/week


Directions for We Park You Fly

P6 ×

Campaign - P6

We Park You Fly - P6

3 min. walk to the terminals

Indoor parking

Terminal 2
Terminal 3
  • We Park You Fly
  • P Campaign offer