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Can I cancel my reservation after expiry of the right of cancellation?

Yes, you can always cancel your reservation up to 3 hours before your specified arrival time. However, you only receive a refund if you have purchased our refund guarantee. If you wish to cancel your reservation, you can log in here using your reservation number and e-mail.

If you need to cancel within 3 hours of the start of your booking, please call us on +45 3252 8300 and we will help you.

How do I change my reservation?

If you wish to change your booking, you will need your reservation number and the e-mail you used to book your parking. You will find the reservation number in your confirmation e-mail. You should then do the following:

Log in by entering your reservation number and e-mail address here
Select “Edit Booking”
Enter the required dates and click search
Select the required car park
If you select a car park at the same rate, you will then receive a new confirmation
If you choose a cheaper/more expensive car park than the one already booked, you will need to enter your payment details to receive a refund/pay the difference.
You will receive a new confirmation.

What if I arrive later than expected?

If you need to park for a longer period of time than booked, we will simply charge you for the extra time when you exit the car park. You will be charged in accordance with the applicable rates for the car park selected until the car leaves it. To make additional payment, insert your credit in the card machine at the exit barrier. If your delay is due to a flight delay, contact your travel insurance company to find out about possible compensation.


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