Storebælt Bridge

Read more about how to get to and from the airport via the Storebælt Bridge

Crossing the Storebælt Bridge by car

When travelling from Copenhagen Airport, it is often easiest to drive – even if you live on Funen or in Jutland. That way you can get to and from your trip faster and avoid waiting times if, for example, you are travelling at odd times.

For drivers who regularly cross the Great Belt, there are a variety of discount products aimed at private individuals and business users.

Parking with Brobizz

If you have a BroBizz pass, you can drive straight in to any of our car parks. When you approach the barrier, your BroBizz is automatically registered and the barrier goes up. On your way out, you will automatically be charged the applicable drive-in rate. The price for the parking is deducted via your BroBizz when you exit the car park, saving you time when getting to and from the airport. This service has so far been available in car parks P6, P8, P11 and P12. This technology is now being extended to ALL car parks at CPH, making it available in P4, P5, P7, P10, P15 and P17.

How it works:

  1. Drive up to the barrier at the car park of your choice at CPH
  2. Place your Brobizz pass in the windowscreen of the car
  3. Drive into the car park and park

Prices and payment