Oresund Bridge

Find out the fastest and easiest way across Oresund

By car

From Copenhagen Airport, there is a bridge across to Sweden. The Oresund Bridge, which is approximately 16 km long, provides a quick and easy connection to Sweden by car, train or bus.

All trips across the bridge are paid on the Swedish side. If you are going to Sweden, you pay when you have driven across the bridge. If you are going to Denmark, you pay before driving over the bridge.

For drivers who regularly cross the Sound, there are a variety of discount products aimed at private individuals and business users alike.


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Prices and payment

Check the prices on the website of the Oresund Bridge.
Read more about ØresundsBizz.

If you have any questions regarding the bridge, payment or the like, please visit the Oresund Bridge website or contact their Customer services at kundecenter@oresundsbron.com or by telephone +45 7023 9060 (Mon–Fri 9–17).

By train and bus


There is a train service across the bridge every 20 minutes. To see exact departure and arrival times, you can either visit DSB, which is responsible for rail traffic from Denmark, Skånetrafiken or SJ, which are responsible the Øresund trains and other trains from Sweden.


Gråhundbus operates the following bus routes across the Oresund Bridge:

  • Copenhagen-Ystad-Rønne (linie 866)
  • Copenhagen-Malmö-Lund (linie 999)

For further information visit www.graahundbus.dk.