Long stay parking

Going on a long trip? Then remember there are big savings to be made when you book long-stay parking

Best rates for long-stay parking

When you book parking for 14 days or more, parking at Copenhagen Airport is an affordable option. The average daily rate decreases the more days you park. You get at least a third off normal prices. Check your rate today on our booking page – under "Long-stay parking".

Why should I choose long-stay parking?

  • Big savings to be made on regular parking prices
  • The car parks are fenced and monitored
  • Indoor and outdoor parking
  • Patrolling guards and CCTV

Parking in P12

You can check bus times for our free terminal bus here. Naturally, you are still welcome to book long-stay parking at P12. Both car parks come under our Standard product category.


No. of weeks
2 weeks
DKK 1440
3 weeks
DKK 1840
4 weeks
DKK 2300


To be eligible for savings on long-stay parking, you must park for at least 14 days. Our long-stay parking rates are only valid when you book online, and only apply to car park P12. When you specify a booking period of more than 14 days, our rates for long-stay parking will automatically be displayed on our booking page.