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Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you always have a 14-day right of cancellation from the date you made the reservation. After 14 days, the reservation is binding, unless you have purchased our refund guarantee. With a refund guarantee you are always eligible for a refund if you are forced to cancel.

How do I change my reservation?

If you wish to change your booking, you will need your reservation number and the e-mail you used to book your parking. You will find the reservation number in your confirmation e-mail. You should then do the following:

Log in by entering your reservation number and e-mail address here
Select “Edit Booking”
Enter the required dates and click search
Select the required car park
If you select a car park at the same rate, you will then receive a new confirmation
If you choose a cheaper/more expensive car park than the one already booked, you will need to enter your payment details to receive a refund/pay the difference.
You will receive a new confirmation.

How does the upgrade work?

If you choose to make use of the option to upgrade from Budget to Standard, for example, a new booking will be made. That means you will be refunded your original payment and charged the full amount of the new booking. You will receive a new confirmation e-mail, and this is the one you should use on your arrival at the car park.


Earn Advantage points in the lounge

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