Electric cars

When you park at Copenhagen Airport, you can charge your electric car for free

Copenhagen Airport currently has six parking spaces reserved for electric cars. These six spaces are located in our Direct car park, P8, level -2, which is located directly under Terminal 3. Each space has two charging sockets (220V and 400V), which fit most car models. So as a passenger at Copenhagen Airport, you can look forward to returning home to a fully charged electric car.



Can I book a charging station?

The parking itself is subject to the same conditions as with ordinary cars. However, it is not possible to reserve a specific electric car space. Naturally, the limited number of spaces means they are in short supply. So if you are travelling during busy periods, you cannot be sure of getting a space at one of our charging points.

Charging your electric car in our Direct car park is free.

Payment when using charging stations at the airport

In 2019 it will no longer be free to charge your electric car at the airport. The effective date along with exact prices will appear on this page before payment of electricity takes effect.