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Can I book a specific parking space?

No, it is not possible to book a specific space, but we guarantee that there is space for you in the multi-storey car park where you have booked.

How do I change my reservation?

If you wish to change your booking, you will need your reservation number and the e-mail you used to book your parking. You will find the reservation number in your confirmation e-mail. You should then do the following:

Log in by entering your reservation number and e-mail address here
Select “Edit Booking”
Enter the required dates and click search
Select the required car park
If you select a car park at the same rate, you will then receive a new confirmation
If you choose a cheaper/more expensive car park than the one already booked, you will need to enter your payment details to receive a refund/pay the difference.
You will receive a new confirmation.

What if I arrive earlier than expected?

You can arrive up to 2 hours before the time you specified as the start time of your booking. This means that if you have reserved a space from 12 noon, for example, you can enter the reserved car park from 10 am. However, please be aware that if you start your reservation earlier than the time booked, the exit time is shortened accordingly. E.g.: If you have booked a parking space for three days (72 hours) and begin the parking on Day 1 at 9 am, then your paid booking period expires at 9 am on Day 4, even if the booking was made for a later time.


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