Company parking

Copenhagen Airports have several options for company agreements in relation to parking

Company parking

Pick up or see your guest to check-in.

At the lowest floor level at car parks P6 and P8 you will find Company Parking by the elevators to Terminal 3 – close to the arrival and departure hall. From here you or your chauffeur can park for up to two hours. In this way it is easy to pick up or see your guests to check-in.

The Company Parking agreement is valid for one year at a time and for up to four cars. The parking spaces are marked “Company Parking”.

Company+ parking

Exclusive and secure garage directly under Terminal 3.

Get full disposal of your parking space. The garages located at car park P6 or P8 can be rented for 12 months at a time and will be at your full disposal. A remote controlled locking clamp ensures that only the hirer has access to parking and all parking spaces are monitored by CCTV.

You may to put a company logo on the locking clamp and a sign plate on the back wall of the parking space.

There is a limited number of Company+ parking spaces.


Season Pass Standard
Season Pass Direct
Parking area
P6, P8
Price excl. VAT

The prices are applicable for one parking spot for one year. The prices are valid until December 31st 2019 and is regulated every 1st of January according to Denmarks Statistics.



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