Here, you will find information on all other bus lines running to and from the airport

By bus to and from the airport

There are several bus lines to and from Copenhagen city centre. There are also free terminal buses which run frequently between the terminals at Copenhagen Airport.

Open the boxes below to read more about the buses you can take to and from the airport.




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Buses in Copenhagen

Line 5A 

Copenhagen Airport – Husum Torv

The airport, International – Skottegårdsskolen – Sundbyvester Plads- Amagerbro St.– Central Station – Rådhuspladsen – Nørreport st. – Nørrebro st. – Bellahøj - Husum Torv

Please note: 5A also runs at night

Line 35 

The airport, International – DR Byen St.

The airport, International – The airport East – A.P. Møllers Alle – Dragør stationsplads – Store Magleby – Tømmerup – Amagerhallen – Sundbyvester Plads - Irlandsvej - Dr Byen St.

Line 36 

The airport, International – Nøragersmindevej

The airport, International – Korsvejens Skole – Tårnby st. – Nøragersmindevej

Information on operating times of all of DOT's bus lines: www.dinoffentligetransport.dk.


Other buses in Denmark and Sweden

Other bus companies drives routes from the airport to other parts of Denmark and Sweden. Information on routes and timetables can be found on the company websites:


Charter buses

At Terminal 2, there is passenger drop-off only.

At Terminal 3, there is both passenger pick-up and drop-off (and 1 hour's parking).

The instructions of the airport staff must be followed in the area.

Terminal bus

The terminal bus runs from P1 to Terminals 2 and 3 and on to the train station in Terminal 3 and to the car parks P15 and P17. 

The buses run:
From 07.00 - 18.00: Every 10 minutes.
From 04.30 - 07.00 and 18.00 - 23.30: Every 15 minutes.
From 23.30 - 04.30: Every 20 minutes.

Read more about our free terminal bus and see the timetable here.